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Do I really need a caption?

A page for my poems, all copyrighted by me.  No stealing!

~The Vampire or the Bride?~
Who's to live?
Who's to die?
The vampire
or the bride?
How am I
Supposed to Chose?
How do I decide?
The Vampire.
wanton lover
faithless whore
never caring
whats in store
a mirage
a dark reflection
a lost child
with no direction
without her love
breeding lust
fractured heart
turned to dust
The Bride
Love of love
Love of life
Wanting only
to be his wife
to bear his child
to know his kin
to feel a new life
grow within
to stay with him
Till the end of time
To feel his heart
beating with mine
So who is to live
and who is to die
the faithless vampire
or the lovesick bride
How do I decide?
~Lost Angels~
I feel you
I see you
I hold you
But dare not close my eyes
As long as I see you
You remain
I sigh and rest my head
Feeling the soft flutter of your wings
Hearing your heartbeat, strong and quick
Tasting the salt on your skin
Sleep, you tell me
Close your eyes and dream
I will return on the morrow.
Would you leave me my angel?
I ask in dismay
I blink away tears that are filling my eyes
My dearest love, I cannot stay
You stood away and spread your wings
Black feathers fall slowly to the ground
Mixing with my fallen tears
Please, my dark angel, stay with me
Be damned what calls you away!
My dearest love,your leaving would
Shatter my black heart like the darkest obsidion
On the cold and barren earth
But already you are gone
On black and silent wings
and finally I sleep.
~Can you see?~
Confusion fills my every waking moment
Inside, my heart beats strong with all my fears
I thought, that without you, that I could bear it
But my falling tears are all I seem to hear
My tears are nothing more than wasted saddness
I'd never truly felt your sweet caress
I'd heard your voice, but never felt your kisses
But yet, it dosn't seem to hurt me less

What can I say except
that I am sorry
For things within my soul over which I have no regin
What can I do except
To forget what I have known
To teach my foolish heart not to love again.

My head is spinning, dizzy from the pain.
Outside, I try to seem as strong as steel.
Outside I lie, I try my best my happiness to feign
While inside, my broken heart I try to heal.
I'll breath and turn and then I'll face tomorrow
I cannot say that you are worth my tears
My heart cannot forget, but as I face my future
I have others with which to share my fears

What can I say, except
that I am sorry
For things within my heart over which I have no regin
what can I do, except
Forget what I have known
To teach my foolish heart not to love again.

(Dedicated to Roman Shadowfox)
~Standing at the end~
Shattered dreams
Shattered life
Standing on the edge....
of a knife

One slip
One slit
Standing at the end...
Of my life

Shattered Future
Shattered past
I fear the end has come....
at last

One step forward
One step back.
My tears are gone, my heart...
is black.

I fear the end has come....
At last
~My Future?~
My heart is aching
as your seed grows within me
A dream within a dream
But then I wake
My child is gone
I reach for you
to pull you close
But the sheets are cold
for you have gone
Leaving my heart as bear and empty
as my womb
Only in my dreams
Can I bear your child
plant your seed in me
Only in my dreams can I
make you happy
Can I make our world complete.

Tears of Blood
I cry my tears as my fragile heart is shattered

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