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Isn't it funny how someone that you count on so much can break your heart the worst?  In this case, it isn't some wayward love or a lost friend. It's my father.  Every time I think he can change, he just takes my hopes and dashes them on the cold barren earth that we live on.  One example that sticks out in my head is about six months ago, I found a baby bird and was trying do hard to nurse it back to health, so I could release it.  When it died, I was pretty much devestated.  I took the tiny body out to the back yard to bury it and when I was done, my father came out and placed a single flower on the grave.  I thought it was touching.  But later that day, he had drunk himself into another stupor and did nothing but yell at me.  It broke my heart.  There is nothing he can do now to repair that.

Banish my feelings from this world, they will do naught but destroy me.

"I'm a hopeless romantic, because romance is hopeless..." Blackheart Stormblade

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