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Hello everyone! Welcome to my art gallery. The truth is I am not very good at drawing, but I love doing it. I do it all the time (mostley during classes) in hopes of honing my skill to an acceptible level. Ifind that my good pieces (well as good as I can manage) are done at times when i should be doing something class work. I am a HUGE ANIME FAN! Thusly most of my art work is based on anime. I am never satisfied with my work, so I always am trying to improve. If you like what you see, have any advice, or just wanna say 'hi' you can email me at
P.S. Most of my art are penciles right now but I hope to be adding color pics soon!


THATS RIGHT! ITS TRIGUN!! YAY! This one comes courtisy of a boring lecture in Spanish class. Chibi Vash comes complete with Cross Punisher, Cat, Bag, AND DONUT!!! And we can't forget his trademark catch phrase "LOVE AND PIECE!"

Teenage Borg Siblings

My first picture on my long and complicated journey as an artist. I was reading a tutorial on an anime artwork website and decided to try drawing a female face. When I got frustrated with the eyes I made her a Borg; a happy, teenage, Borg girl. (Im also a HUGE Star Trek and Star Wars fan!) Once I was done, I thought she was lonely, so i drew here a brother. Then I made names for them. So without further interuption I present......TEENAGE BORG SIBLINGS!

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