Dragon's Eyes

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All poems copywrited by Nate, no stealing!

Friend Forever


Friends are like the air,

Without them you cant survive,

They mean more than life to you.


Friends out last everything,

They live forever in our harts,

And in our thought, and dreams.


Never will our friendship die,

As long as we live, friends forever


Thinking of You


Spent the day thinking about you,

Thinking about how perfect you are,

The way you smile and how beautiful you are.


Spent the day thinking I saw you,

Everyone I see looks like you,

I see your face every were I go,

Every thing I see reminds me of you.


Every moment I spend a way from you is like a day with no sun,

It seems endless, and ever thing is different without you.


Dazed and Hypnotized


After all the years of nothing,

Living a cold and lonely existence,

Of long years filled with hate,

I found you.


Now I stand hear mesmerized by you,

But two years two late,

I find myself unable to move on,

Falling back in to the cold.


It has been to long in the cold,

Emotionless void that is my life,

I have found the sun,

But its two years now gone.


Meow of a Friends


The more I think I know you,

The more you surprise me,

The more I see the lost child,

The lost and confused sole.


You the vamp,

A silent call for help,

For someone to love you.


I can fill the void.

Not even my love can heal your pain




Forever is the time it takes to know you, to love you,

And the time it will take to get over you.


Forever is better then never,

Never it when I will forget you,

Forget your face, your smile, you.


I love you will all my heart, my sole,

Forever I will love you.


Nothing to Say


What do you say,

What do you do,

When every time I see you,

I thank The Lord for the day we meet,

And every second I'm with you.


Every time I see you,

All I can think about is how perfect,

How wonderful and amazing you are.


I long for the one thing in this world that I I'm not worthy of,

Your love


Sole Mate or Friend


 When I meet you I knew,

Knew that you where different,

Different form the rest.


The more I know the more I fall,

Fall deeper and deeper for you.


I know the way you feel by the way your eyes look at me,

I know more about you than anyone I have met in my life,

I know the way you feel,

About every thing, from you family to your life,

We share so much more that our past and our way of life.


I wish I could share more with you,

More than a friend can,

Only a Sole Mate can give you what you deserve.


All I have to give is my love