Something Wicked This Way Comes
Album released in 1998

Track Listing (Something Wicked)

Iced Earth
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Self Titled Album
A second version of the cover of the self titled album released in 1991

A page dedicated to one of my favorite bands, Iced Earth.

Horror Show
Album cover for the CD released in 2001

Lyrics, Album Covers....anything I can think of!
Album: Horror Show (Track Listing)
1.) Wolf (5:19)
2.) Damien (9:11)
3.) Jack (4:14)
4.) Ghost of Freedom (5:11)
5.) Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh's Curse) (4:45)
6.) Jeckyl & Hyde (4:39)
7.) Dragon's Child (4:19)
8.) Frankenstein (3:50)
9.) Dracula (5:53)
10.) The Phantom Opera Ghost (8:41)

Days of Purgatory
Cover from a 2 disk set released in 1997

Track Listing (Days of Purgatory)

The Dark Saga
Based on the comic book Spawn, released in 1996

Track Listing (Dark Saga)

Self Titled
Cover of their first album, released in 1991

Iced Earth Track Listing

Night of the Stormrider
Album cover for the 1992 album

Track Listing (Night of the Stormrider)

Burnt Offerings
The Album released in 1995

Track Listing

Other album covers I've found

Night of the Stormrider v.2
Another cover for this awesome album

Burnt Offerings v.2
Another cover