Wings of Flame
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Hail and welcome to Wolf's Weyr, "Wings of Flame." All poems here are copyrighted to their respective author, Wolf.


Do you see me like I see you?
Do you feel how I feel?
Do you understand what goes through my mind?

Do these tears sear at your eyes?
Does your tongue writhe in disgust at the taste of hatred?
Does your throat close off, removing the breath from your lungs?

Does your heart contract in fear of pain?
Does your mind race in the cold embrace of loneliness?
Does your soul cringe in the darkness of failure?

But all this is true for me.

I can see you for who you are nothing more, nothing less.
I know how you feel, because I have been there.
I know what you think because I have thought the same before.

These tears… they burn through my eyes like the fires of Hell.
That bitter taste wells up on my tongue, and I gag.
The lump in my throat grows and grows, never ceasing.

My heart dies more and more every day, because it fears to hurt.
My mind is always alone, though it searches for its mate.
My soul is nothing more than a cold, lifeless mass… death by mistakes.

And that is the truth.


Pushing, pulling, kicking, punching,
Thrashing ‘round until I bleed.
I’ve said it once; I’ll say it again,
Your gentle touch is what I need.

To hold your hand, to touch you lips,
To run my fingers through your hair.
Anything is what I’d do,
To behold one so fair.

No matter what I see, hear, or do,
I will always follow my heart.
Your vivid features in my mind,
A lasting work of art.


Just as the tide,
Love comes and goes.
But when earned,
Like a river it flows.
Storms may rage,
And waves may crash,
But just remember
After every clash,
The love will return
Like a gentle spring rain,
And all will be right
With the world again.

The fires of love can sear and burn,
And yet they can comfort and calm.
To the weak they cause great pain,
But soothe the deserving and strong.

Nothing can quench these flames;
They are eternal when they spark.
Few can make them dwindle,
But unto many do they hark!

If you deserve the love you are offered,
Accept it with great care,
For the fires of love shall not hurt you,
But treat you just and fair.


She is the one I love,
Forever and Again;
She’ll always hold her place.
When I see her, my head spins.
My heart beats like a rabbit’s,
Never keeping a steady pace.
My longing will never end!
Never, Never, Never!
She’s the one I love, Forever and Again!


Have you ever felt it?
Smelled it in the air?
Seen the clouds, slowly growing?
Heard the distant rumbling?
Tasted the dampness on your tongue?
The rain comes down gently, softly caressing the skin
Steadily, it brushes against you,
Like a lovers' kiss it calms you,
Soothes you
The clouds begin to part, ever so slowly
The rain continues, forming a mist
The sun comes out, and a rainbow appears,
And another above it
The rain stops, but you can still feel it,
Just as you can still feel the tingle
Of a kiss on your lips
The storm may be over,
But you can still feel the joy,
The rapture and bliss
Just as you feel
A lovers' kiss


Can you imagine a flower,
From seed to bud to bloom?
This is how I was,
Until you cleared my life of gloom.

The seed is where I started,
Unknowing and untrue.
Then I was given hope,
And that hope, my dear, is you.

From this fragile state, I began to grow,
Grow to a tiny little bud.
I lifted my head sky high,
Out of the muck and mud.

I’m reaching toward the final peak,
The voluminous, colorful bloom!
Will I ever reach this desired point?
Will I finally conquer the gloom?

I’ll strive until the darkness is gone,
Absent from my world.
Us together; Me and You;
Many wonderful things will unfurl.