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Final Fantasy X-2
Yuna's Dresspheres! (Collage my Me)

I love to draw and design, so here I'll post up some of my drawings, cd designs, and others.....

I'll keep updating this site as I get the time.

My own personal Coat of Arms so to speak....Will be a tattoo eventually

Artemis Firestorm, carrying the child of the cyborg Black Waltz

Bianca Mirror Image
A before-after concept picture

The above are my two latest drawings, the first (Artemis) came out of my desire to have a child, later in life, and my belief that I could not.  I altered it to fit my role playing character.  The second drawing (Bianca Mirror Image) was just an idea that I had while sitting in class.

Among other things, art is my life. I love to draw, write paint, whatever I can do to express my creativity.

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