Dragonriders of Pern
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A site dedicated to Pern, mostly the Teaching songs and Artwork. :)
I DO NOT own Dragonriders of Pern.  I am just a crazed fan.  Dragonriders is copywrited by Anne McCaffary.

A pretty good Dragonriders RPG is  Dragonriders of Pern: Rebirth.  Its a play by fourm RPG

The White Dragon
Jaxom, astride his white dragon, Ruth.

Drummer, beat, and piper, blow,
Harper, strike, and soldier, go.
Free the flame and sear the grasses
Till the dawning Red Star passes.


From the Weyr and from the Bowl,
Bronze and brown and blue and green,
Rise the dragonmen of Pern,
Aloft, on wing, seen, then unseen.


Honor those the dragons heed,
In thought and favor, word and deed.
Worlds are lost or worlds are saved
From those dangers dragon-braved.

Dragonman, avoid excess;
Greed will bring the Weyr distress;
To the ancient Laws adhere,
Prospers thus the Dragonweyr.


The Hold is barred,
The Hall is bare,
        And men vanish.
The soil is barren,
The rock is bald.
        All hope banish.


Watch-wher, watch-wher,
In your lair,
Watch well, watch-wher!
Who goes there?


Lord of the Hold, your charge is sure
In thick walls, metal doors, and no verdure.


Seas boil and mountains move,
Sands heat, dragons prove
Red Star passes.
Stones pile and fires burn,
Green withers, arm Pern.
Guard all passes.
Star Stone watch, scan sky.
Ready the Weyrs, all riders fly;
Red Star passes.


Dragonman, dragonman,
Between thee and thine,
Share me that glimpse of love
Greater than mine.


The Finger points
At an Eye blood-red.
Alert the Weyrs
To sear the Thread.


Rise in glory,
Bronze and gold.
Dive entwined,
Enhance the Hold.

Count three months and more,
And five heated weeks,
A day of glory and
In a month, who seeks?

A strand of silver
In the sky...
With heat, all quickens
And all times fly.

All the Weyrs of Pern

The blackest night must end in dawn,
The sun dispel the dreamer's fear:
When shall my soul's bleak, hopeless pain
Find solace in its darkening Weyr?
Oh, Tongue, give sound to joy and sing
Of hope and promise on dragonwing.
A fleck of red in a cold night sky,
A drop of blood to guide them by,
Turn away, Turn away, Turn, be gone,
A Red Star beckons the travelers on
Fire-Lizard Song
by Menolly, edited by Robinton

The little queen all golden
Flew hissing at the sea.
To stop each wave
Her clutch to save
She ventured bravely.

As she attacked the sea in rage
A holderman came nigh
Along the san
Fishnet in hand
And saw the queen midsky.

He stared at her in wonder
For often he'd been told
That such as she
Could never be
Who hovered there, bright gold.

He saw her plight and quickly
He looked up the cliff he faced
And saw a cave
Above the wave
In which her eggs he placed.

The little queen all golden
Upon his shoulder stood
her eyes all blue
Glowed of her true
Undying gratitude.


Brekke's Lament
by Menolly (polished verse)

Don't leave me alone!
A cry in the night,
Of anguish heart-striking,
Of soul-killing fright.

Moreta's Ride

 The Question Song
by MasterHarper Creline

Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unansweréd.
Empty, open, dusty, dead,
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together?
Leaving Weyrs to wind and weather?
Setting herdbeasts free of tether?
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new Weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh, why, the empty Weyr?


By the Golden Egg of Faranth
By the Weyrwoman, wise and true,
Breed a flight of bronze and brown wings,
Breed a flight of green and blue.
Breed riders, strong and daring,
Dragon-loving, born as hatched
Flight of hundreds soaring skyward,
Man and dragon fully matched
Weyrman watch; Weyrman learn
Something new in every Turn.
Oldest may be coldest, too.
Sense the right; find the true!
Crack dust, blackdust,
Turn in freezing air.
Waste dust, spacedust,
From Red Star bare.
Wheel and turn
Or bleed and burn.
Fly between,
Blue and green.
Soar, dive down,
Bronze and brown
Dragonmen must fly
When Threads are in the sky.
Weaver, Miner, Harper, Smith,
Tanner, Farmer, Herdsman, Lord,
Gather, wingsped, listen well
To the Weyrman's urgent word.
Across a waste of lonely tossing sea,
Where no dragonwings ahd lately spread,
Flew a gold and a sturdy brown in spring,
Searching if a land be dead.
Cold as death, death-bearing,
Stay and die, unguided.
Brave and braving, linger.
This way was twice decided.
Black, blacker, blackest,
And cold beyond frozen things.
Where is between when there is naught
To Live but fragile dragon wings?
Who wills,
Who tries,
Who loves,


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