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A memorial to my late and loving dog, Lady.  March 3rd, 2000-Febuary 13th, 2004.


Lady as a puppy
Chewing on my toy sword. So cute!

Me, Jen and Lady
Myself, my little sister, and Lady as a puppy

Lady's Requium
  13 brothers and sisters
all crammed in a box
Whimpering and covered in fleas
So small, that tawny sweet
Golden and black, on her tail and her feet
New member of our family
Four years spent together happily
So golden, like the sunrise
No flaws, at least in our eyes
The beach, the surf, froliking in the waves
Nothing but pictures, our memories to save
But sunrise must fade into sunset
Never regret, never forget
That tawny sweetness, our sunshine
With us till the end of time.

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